A M Mortgage Solutions

Sponsoring GLK Academies

In support of the Youth Sports Trust

As we emerge from the pandemic its clear to see the impact the lack of physical activity has had on our children both physically and mentally, this is why we are sponsoring GLK Academies and together have chosen to support the Youth Sports Trust.

As educators continue to fill the gaps in English, Maths and science its clear to see that physical education is not such a priority!

 GLK Academies and the YST are leading the way both in schools and in community’s in getting children active both on an individual level and as part of a team.

I think we can all agree that active children are not only physically healthy but also mentally healthy, that is why we have chosen to support 2 such great causes.

Over the next academic year AM Mortgage solutions and GLK Academies have pledged to raise £5000 for the YST both through commercial donations and though fun sporting and none sporting charity events.

We hope that with your support we can reach and even exceed our target to ensure that GLK Academies and the YST have much needed resources to carry on supporting schools and community projects providing top class coaching and much needed mental health support.

Together we are supporting our sports men and women of the future reach their full potential, but not only that we are committed to ensuring our mortgage advisers, business owners, teachers police officers etc of the future grow up to be physical and mentally strong.